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Ruins of an old kitchen at the Liberty Hill Great, St. Ann

Photograph of the ruins of the old stone kitchen found on the Liberty Hill Great House property in St. Ann.

Kingston Public Hospital - kitchen

"A cook prepares soup in one of the seven 30-gallon steamers in the kitchen. This section prepares normal diets for patients in the hospital. Some cooks were trained on the Hope ship when it visited Jamaica."

Items stocked in kitchen

Section of a kitchen showing utensils, food items and other cooking ingredients.

Mass kitchen Jamaica

View of the mass kitchen on military grounds in Jamaica.

University Hospital

"On kitchen duty: Two soldiers of the Jamaica Defence Force [JDF], at work in the kitchen of the University Hospital Tuesday. The JDF men who have been at the hospital since Monday when auxiliary, clerical and adminsistrative workers took strike…

Workmen installing kitchen at King's House

"Workmen installing one of the many new pieces of equipment in the kitchen of King's House."

Kitchen constructed by Civil Aviation Department

"This kitchen was constructed by the workers in the Maintenance Department of the Civil Aviation Department because they were having problems with meals. The workers intend to use old plane seats begged from Air Jamaica as seats."