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Gerry Taylor

"Portrait of former airport manager for British Airways in Jamaica, Gerry Taylor. He was appointed in 1976."

Lloyd Brown looking at a Rapid Intervention Vehicle

"Lloyd Brown looks with pride at one of the Rapid Intervention Vehicles modified by his department for the Norman Manley Airport. Behind are the offices and workshop constructed by Mr. Brown and his workmen."

Kitchen constructed by Civil Aviation Department

"This kitchen was constructed by the workers in the Maintenance Department of the Civil Aviation Department because they were having problems with meals. The workers intend to use old plane seats begged from Air Jamaica as seats."

Customs at Norman Manley Airport

"It takes rare taken to play many parts or as they say, wear several hats. Getting through Customs at the Norman Manley airport these days takes a certain amount of ah…smoothness. The best place to hide is in the open. But then, you knew that all…

Air Jamaica uniforms

"Uniforms for Air Jamaica staff."