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Savanah la mar

Lithograph of Savanna-la-Mar, from J.B. Kidd's "West Indian Scenery. Illustrations of Jamaica".

Splashing and frolicking at Morgan's Harbour - Aqua Jam '79

"Splashing and frolicking at Morgan's Harbour yesterday was what Aqua Jam '79 was all about. Hundreds participated in various aquatic events or cheered on the sidelines. JBC radio, the organisers, took their broadcasts outside of the studios…

Port Royal. early morning light

Early morning painting of a section of Port Royal in Kingston, Jamaica.

A colonial harbour

Depiction of a harbour in Jamaica, during colonial times.

Savana-la-mar - canoes from Bluefields

Men, wearing hats, standing by canoes at a harbour in Bluefields, Westmoreland.

Montego Bay

A view of the city of Montego Bay, St. James. St. James Parish Church can be viewed in the distance.
From views of churches, rectories and other Diocesan buildings in Jamaica in March 1931.