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A view of Coke Chapel

Drawing of the 19th century Coke Chapel building as seen from Parade in Kingston. Congregants are seen exiting the building and gathering in the parade located before the church.

Roman Catholic

"The Five Sisters sing a hymn of thanksgiving after the profession of their vows."

Kingston Parish Church

"Procession of bishops at yesterday's opening of the 105th annual Synod of the Anglican Church in Jamaica at the Kingston Parish Church. Canon J.T. Clarke who is in charge of the Diocese due to the absence on leave of Bishop of Jamaica J.C. Swaby,…

St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church Annotto Bay

"The St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church in Annotto Bay, which is almost completed, will be dedicated in December. Recently members of the church celebrated the Feast of St.Theresa at the St.James Anglican Church and Bishop Edgerton Clarke, who…

A Catholic Church

"Members of the Catholic congregation hold hands while they say the 'Our Father'."

G.G. Florizel Glasspole and family at Coke Church

d_0011555_florizel_glasspole_family _church.jpg
"Governor General Florizel Glasspole, his wife Josephine, daughter Sara-Lou, son-in-law Dr. Mena (from left) worshipping at the Coke Church on Christmas Morning."

Garrison Church (Up Park Camp)

"Scout's Founder's Day Service: An ecumenical service was held at Garrison Church, Up Park Camp, on Sunday, February 25 in memory of Robert Baden Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement. Chief Scout and Governor General Florizel Glasspole (fifth…

Church congregation - Rev. Conway Simmonds

Church service at an African Methodist Episcopal Church in Jamaica.