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St. Andrew Juvenile Remand Centre gets Tropicair Aluminium windows from ICD Institute of Management and Production

"St. Andrew Juvenile Remand Centre gets Tropicair Aluminium windows from ICD's Institute of Management and Production.
Mr. Joel McBean, Executive Director of Juvenile Reform (3rd from left) thanks Dr. Dudley Cawley, Director of the Institute of…

Institute of Sports signs contract for laying of tracks at National Stadium

d_0011020_institute_sports_contract_tracks _national_stadium.jpg
"C. Lloyd Allen Jnr., [second right], signs the contract for the laying of the new Rekorton track at the National Stadium yesterday morning at the Board Room of the Institute of Sports [Insports]. Witnessing the signing are Errol Anderson [left],…

Grace Kennedy Consortium signing

d_0011019_grace _kennedy_consortium_signing.jpg
"Versaair signing - Utilities and Transport Minister Alva Ross [third left] and Grace Kennedy Company Limited Director, Mabel Tenn [second] left signing the sale agreement between the Government and the new owners, a consortium comprising of Grace,…

Mr. Frazer Perry

Kaiser Jamaica Bauxite Company's resident manager, Mr. Frazer Perry.

Kaiser Jamaica Bauxite Company's operations manager, Frazer Perry

"Kaiser Jamaica Bauxite Company's Operations manager, Frazer Perry, delivering the main address at the opening of the Western Science Teachers' Exhibition held over a three-day period, beginning last Wednesday. The 18-year-old annual exhibition which…

Esmond Kentish and Hugh Shearer admiring BOJ plaque

"Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Hugh Shearer [right] admiring the plaque presented to Esmond Kentish by the Bank of Jamaica's [BOJ] Staff Appreciation Committee on Thursday last, September 24. The occasion was…

Selwyn S. Parris

Mr. Selwyn Parris, former director of bauxite company, Kirkvine Works.

Selwyn Parris

Mr. Selwyn Parris, former chemist and director of bauxite company, Kirkvine Works.

Mr. Wesley Parker

Life insurance agent, Wesley Parker.

Mr. Theo Passier

Managing director of Bata Shoe Company Jamaica Limited, Mr. Theo Passier.