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Henry Taylor

Jamaican cricketer, Henry Taylor, playing a game of cricket.

Elleston Panton

Mr. Elleston Panton, a policeman and cricket player in Jamaica.

Esmond Kentish and Hugh Shearer admiring BOJ plaque

"Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Hugh Shearer [right] admiring the plaque presented to Esmond Kentish by the Bank of Jamaica's [BOJ] Staff Appreciation Committee on Thursday last, September 24. The occasion was…

Mr. Derek Parry

"Derek Parry seen in jubilant mood as his teammate makes a spectacular catch which was celebrated by the fielding team."

Lawrence Rowe and Belinda Phillips

"Mutual happiness: Lawrence Rowe and Belinda Phillips, winners of the Machado Sports Awards for outstanding performances in 1974, after they had received their Glittering trophies, from Mrs. Jones, the wife of the Managing Director of Machado, Mr.…

Terrence Corke

"At Kensington won: Kensington's middle order batsman Terrence Corke, who made a stylish 27 yesterday is beaten outside the offstump by this delivery from left arm spinner Headley Williams. The wicketkeeper is George Richards. Kensington won on first…

Everton Coach

"No ball - Umpire Gifford Anderson signals and shouts as Everton Coach Lucas' opening batsman drives the delivery from Carlton Gordon through the covers in the Senior Cup match with Kingston at Nelson Oval on Sunday. Wicket-keeper Anthony Campbell…