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Bus stop at Guava Ridge

"At Guava Ridge passengers disembark and others, carrying bags of coffee to the factory."

Bus strike

"Corporate are commuters yesterday seeking other means of transportation after JOS workers walked off their jobs. Even the clock seemed to strike because this photograph was taken after 4:00pm."

Bus wash

"The JOS has embarked on a campaign to keep the few vehicles on the road clean and to keep their working area clean. Here a bus get its daily wash at the sophisticated automatic washer at Tivoli."

Bus washing

"Extra bus washing: Four automatic bus washing machines owned by the JOS are all in action again after several weeks on half service due to a shortage of imported parts. Now, besides every bus passing through the washing machines each night,…

Bus-car accident

"Bus-car accident: Two people were admitted to hospital following an accident involving a JOS bus and a Chevelle motorcar along the Half Way Tree Road early yesterday. Reports said the bus was being driven by Albert Wright of Maxfield Avenue ran into…

Causeway accident - St. Catherine

"Causeway accident: traffic using the Causeway in St. Catherine was held up for several minutes yesterday afternoon after an accident involving this Leyland passenger bus and a Toyota motorcar [foreground]. Most eyewitness reports said the car was…


"Ken Facey, J.O.S. Training Officer, points out the scored crankshaft journal of Olympic buses to some of the new class of trainee apprentices at the J.O.S. Engineering Training School at Tivoli Depot. Twelve youths between 15 and 17 years of age…

Crash in front of the Daily News office

"This Ford motorcar seemed to have been driven with a little too much of the holiday spirit, on Christmas night [Saturday] and ended up wedged onto a utility pole in front of the Daily News office on Half Way Tree Road. It carried no license plates,…

Cross Roads

"...It's the congestion of JOS buses, that's what. For the scene is, yes, Cross Roads at midday yesterday - despite what the clock says. Over recent years Government MInisters and KSAC Councillors have hinted at plans to reshape Cross Roads and…

Damaged JOS bus

"A portion of one of the damaged buses."