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Bus stop at Guava Ridge

"At Guava Ridge passengers disembark and others, carrying bags of coffee to the factory."

Destroyed bus shed

"Another bus shed gone: Another bus shed in the Corporate Area was destroyed when this car crashed into the shed along Mountain View Avenue Tuesday afternoon. Driver Leslie Brown said he swerved to avoid crashing in the back of a JOS bus and crashed…

JOS bus at Cross Roads

A mother and her young children waiting on a Jamaica Omnibus Services bus at Cross Roads, Kingston.

Number 24 JOS terminus

"The No. 24 Terminus for 'Jolly Joe' at Hillside Crescent, Rennock Lodge. In the background is the Cement Factory. To the left, an uninhabited section of the Wareika Hills. The Rennock Lodge Youth Centre is out of sight, on the left."

Bus shelter on Arthur Wint Drive

"The new bus shelter erected by the JOS on Arthur Wint Drive which is designed to protect the public from rain and splashing by passing vehicles. This shelter is the first of a number that will be built and the length will be increased to 12 feet to…

Persons standing at bus stop in Cross Roads, Kingston Jamaica

Pedestrians waiting on transportation at a bus stop in Cross Roads near the Carib 5 cinema.

Destroyed bus shed on Lady Musgrave Road

"A tale of woe: scene on Lady Musgrave Road yesterday morning, when this motor-car crashed into a bus shed. It is not known whether or not anyone was injured."