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Three-vehicle crash

"Three motor vehicles were involved in an accident along the Half Way Tree Road, just outside the Daily News on Tuesday night. Two were an Austin van (left), reported Tuesday by owner Gwendolyn Wright of Meadowbrook Main, Kingston 8 as having been…

Accident on Ironshore Road in Montego Bay

"Two people were admitted and 70 were treated at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay shortly before noon yesterday following an accident on the Ironshore Road between a double-decker bus belonging to the Montego Bay Omnibus Company and a…

Bus crash victim

"A man bends down to look at the still form of the boy under the overturned bus."

Type 'A' Olympic bus

"The above 'A' type Olympic Bus, which first joined J.O.S. 15 years ago and has given excellent service, finally ended its career in the early hours of February 22. On that night A-38 ran into the back of an unlit parked trailer which ahs delivered…

New Leyland National

"One of seventeen new Leyland Nationals which have arrived from England in the past four weeks to join the Jamaica Omnibus Service's fleet, being unloaded from the M.V. Naturalist, at Western Terminals, Newport West, last week. A total of eight…