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Bellevue Mental Health

An inmate of the Bellevue Hospital looks through a grilled window from his cell.

Bob Marley Boulevard

A vehicle traverses the thoroughfare along the Bob Marley Boulevard that has been badly damaged by rain waters. A housing scheme is to the left.

Beeston Street

Sir Clifford Campbell walking along Beeston Street in Kingston. The street is lined with many parked cars.

A large crowd of children

Photograph of young children at an event.

An elderly man leading the children through the bushes

Five small barefooted children and an elderly man walk along a grassy pathway.

A young girl running

A little girl is captured with a package in her hand, running by a zinc fence with a wooden gate, at 21a Baker Street.

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A large group of children seated

Children and a few adults sit outdoors on metal chairs in the glaring sun. Some are using papers, rags and umbrellas as shields against the hot sun.

Kapo leading the ceremony

A revivalist ceremony being conducted by Mallica "Kapo" Reynolds in their place of worship. Some are beating drums while two small children are knocking tambourines. Kapo is holding a rod and a plant and is standing before a table with a large bible,…

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

"Man awaits the opening of the dispensary. The KPH waiting room was closed as Government pharmacists stayed off the job a second day."

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

"Hospital Tour: Minister of Health, Dr. Kenneth Baugh (second right), inspecting the near completed wing of the KPH accompanied by the Hospital Administrator, the Constructors and Consultants."