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Bellevue Hospital patient do craft

"Craft in therapy: a patient at the Bellevue Hospital works on craft items in one of the workshops. Patients occupy themselves in art and craft work, and are rewarded for their efforts when their work make it to the annual open day and sale of work."

Bellevue sports day

"All In The Game: Walking may not be recognized by many as a top sport but it was to the inmates and staff of Bellevue Hospital on their Sports Day at the hospital grounds last Wednesday. In picture Oswald Sewell is way out in front to take first…

Bellevue Hospital sleeping woman

"Sleep of the mad…This woman is caught sleeping in the walkway. Her pants have been destroyed and there is no replacement."

Bellevue Mental Health

An inmate of the Bellevue Hospital looks through a grilled window from his cell.

Conditions at Bellevue Hospital

Male patients of the Bellevue Hospital located in Kingston. There are several unoccupied beds strewn across the ward.