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George Phillip - Hospital Committee Member

"Gift hospital bed from Ohio: Mr. George Phillip, Committee Member, and Mrs. Paula Baugh, Co-ordinator, both of the Jamaica America Medical Assistance Committee [JAMAC] assist Mr. Kenneth Dixon [right] of the St. Ann's Bay Hospital to load ten…

Doctor examines the patient

A doctor preparing to examining a little girl who is laying on a hospital bed.

Kingston Public Hospital

"Beds out in the open at the KPH awaiting cleaning. The beds and other pieces of furniture are being cleaned and mended prior to the return of patients to the institution."

Lucea Infirmary

"Picture shows one of the beds presented to the Lucea Infirmary by the Hanover Charities Committee recently. The Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Lloyd Spencer is third from right: Mrs. Leroy Rickett, matron of the infirmary, is fourth from right; Count…

Empty beds at KPH

Empty beds on a ward at the Kingston Public Hospital.

Maternity ward at Spanish Town Hospital

"A view of the Maternity Ward at the Spanish Town Hospital which has been extended by 12 beds, increasing the bed capacity to 36."