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The West India flower girl

A West Indian woman, wearing a checkered shawl and headwrap, holds out a dish with flowers towards two women. The woman wearing a broad rimmed hat has taken one of the flowers to smell. A boy, seated at the entrance of a nearby building, is watching…

Jennifer Bonseid

"SHE NEEDS A MANAGER: Sister Nyanda in action at St. Joseph's Teachers College."

Jamaica, W.I. types

Photographic depiction of two Jamaican black women - one dressed in formal attire and the other in clothing typically worn by peasants.

Lady model casual suit

A female model wearing a long floral romper poses with her hand in the air.

Lady models - formal dress

A woman modeling a formal gown with a floral pattern.

Lady model pant suit

A woman posing with her arms akimbo while wearing a pants suit.