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CCL Secretary J. Burns Bonadie

"Eyewitness Report: CCL Secretary J. Burns Bonadie (above, left) speaking at Chancellor Hall on the Grenada situation. With him is the Chairman of the Grenada Association in Jamaica, Justin Vincent; and below is a group of Grenadians and other West…

The West India washer-women

Four West Indian washerwomen - one a mulatta - washing in the river. A child is among the women who are covered from the waist down in cloths and wearing wraps on their heads.

Village merry making

Villagers merry making in the island of St. Vincent, with dancers and musicians. In the background is the landscape with huts on a hill.

The West India flower girl

A West Indian woman, wearing a checkered shawl and headwrap, holds out a dish with flowers towards two women. The woman wearing a broad rimmed hat has taken one of the flowers to smell. A boy, seated at the entrance of a nearby building, is watching…