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Car in gully on Mannings Hill Road

" least one motorist seems to have got around current water restrictions against washing cars. And he's plunged into the idea on all fours, so to speak - (four wheels, that is).
It's rather like going to sea on a good thing. And the sea is…

Flood victims

A woman stoops and looks out at the water flowing through the nearby gully.

Ginger Hall - St. Thomas

"Some causes of flooding: This drain at Ginger Hall near Bath, being too small to take the volume of water, was previously not cleared until it rained was the cause of flooding of several homes in the Ginger Hall area of St. Thomas in the current…

McGregor Gully

"The McGregor Gully in spate yesterday. Left of picture shows where a section of the retaining wall was washed away."

McGregor Gully on Windward Road

"A washed out section of the McGregor Gully on Windward Road where the Pentecostal Church was damaged in islandwide rain Wednesday night. Prime Minister Manley [right] looks at the damage."

Members of the citizens body and other view a stagnant drain in Portmore

"One of the stagnant drains in Portmore is viewed by members of the citizens' bodies and other citizens."

Moonlight City - Hunts Bay, St. Andrew

"The mud hole where a gully used to be: This is a flooded section of Moonlight City in the Hunts Bay area of Lower St. Andrew where debris has blocked the gully forcing water into homes."

No. 1A Waltham Terrace

"This gully collapsed causing a landslide. The building at right is a welding plant at 1a Waltham Terrace which ravaged by the rains."