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Overturned truck

Bystanders stand near a truck that has overturned onto its side.

Trailer truck crash in Roach Gully St. Thomas

"Splish splash - This trailer truck with its cargo of molasses on its way from Duckensfield Sugar Company LImited factory in St. Thomas to Port Esquivel in St. Catherine got out of control and overturned. This happened on Thursday night along the…

Crash - Mount Diablo Hill

"Lack of road discipline can [result in] much more than what happened in this accident scene...The motor-car at left just missed plunging into a 30-feet ravine with the assistance of the utility pole at left. The near-tragedy occurred last Saturday…

Truck accident

Police and spectators on the scene of an accident involving a truck.

Train accident

Damage to the front of a truck after it collided with an oncoming train at a railway crossing.

Wrecked truck

A badly damaged truck that was involved in a traffic accident.

Lumber truck accident

"Accident: Haulage contractor Vincent Sinclair was driving his truck with a load of lumber from Newport West to Lumber Traders at Ferry, yesterday afternoon, when there was an accident at Six Miles. Mr. Sinclair said he was driving on the right hand…

Motor vehicle collision in St. Mary

"The collision of this dump truck and the Vauxhall car yesterday in St. Mary resulted in heavy damage to both vehicles. but their occupants sustained no injuries. Reports said the truck appeared to get out of control as it approached the bridge, hit…

Crash caused by cow

"The driver said the cow [in picture at left] was the author of the mishap. Bessie jumped from a bank into the roadway and into the path of the minibus. The driver swerved again to avoid crashing into another vehicle [inset]."

Accident at Hector Street and South Camp Road intersection

"Very close: Constable A. Campbell of Mobile Reserve narrowly escaped death yesterday when his motor cycle collided with this dumper truck driven by Mr. C. Couter. The accident occurred at the intersection of Hector Street and South Camp Road. The…