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Delivery truck accident

"Food truck accident: the truck here was carrying a load of fertiliser from Kingston to Hanover when it overturned at Berrydale in Clarendon on Monday night. According to driver Bernette McPherson of Lucea the truck developed a brake problem, got out…

Truck crash along Molynes and Dunbarton intersection

"Cliff-hanger: the truck here provided quite a spectacle for viewers along Molynes Road at the intersection of Dunbarton yesterday afternoon when it left the road, took this crazy course across the gully embanking and ended up in this hair-raising…

Overturned Honey Bee bus

"Bus spill: Curious onlookers gather around the Honey Bee bus which jumped gear going down Long Hill near Montego Bay yesterday and overturned. No-one was killed. One of the 60 passengers, Ethel Cooke, was admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital.…

Leyland tipper truck

d_0010356_Leyland tipper truck.jpg
"During the heavy rains yesterday, this Leyland tipper truck owned by Kenneth Chen and driven by Wilfred Williams of 58 Molynes Road, was damaged beyond repairs when part of the roadway on Mountain View Avenue caved in. The vehicle has to be written…

Truck in Clamstead District gully

"Both driver and sideman escaped with out slight injuries when this truck got out of control and ended up in the gully at Clamstead District near Lime Hall in St. Ann last Tuesday. Owned by Athol B. Chin Trucking and Tractor Service in Montego Bay,…

Overturned trailer in Westmoreland

"On the way to the Frome sugar factory from Farm in Westmoreland these two trailers overturned earlier this week about one mile apart. The trailer [at left] met its fate on Monday while the other overturned on Tuesday. The driver of the second unit…

Overturned truck on main road in St. Ann

"Atkins truck which recently overturned on the main road between Lime Hall and St. Ann's Bay."

Crashed truck in Holland Bamboo archway

"Mystery crash: this truck crashed an`d was extensively damaged in the Holland Bamboo archway in St. Elizabeth sometime on Saturday morning. Up to late Saturday morning the Lacovia police who are investigating the circumstances under which the…

Truck with garbage

"Late night encounter: A JOS inspector checks damage to his company's vehicle late Friday night after it collided with a parked truck along Constant Spring Road, opposite Kings Plaza. The truck, loaded with garbage from the nearby plazas, had broken…

Bedford truck transporting electrical fixtures

"This Bedford truck laden with electrical fixtures owned by Y.P. Seaton and Associates Co. Ltd. (Electrical Contractors) of 52c Molynes Road, Kingston 10, was being driven by Clarence Farquharson of a Kingston address, and overturned when a defective…