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Oil tanker and Ford Escort motorcar

"What was the cause? Traffic lights in the Corporate Area have not been working for a few days now. On Thursday however, there was a collision between the oil tanker and the Ford Escort motorcar [in the picture above], at the intersection of South…

Car crushed by tractor

"Smash up: Three persons were injured, two of whom have been detained in the Spanish Town Hospital, in this accident at White Marl Friday. The police report that at about 4pm. the tractor was crossing the road and the motor car ran into it. The three…

Telephone truck and Buick car

"This Telephone truck got out of control and hit a telephone pole and a Buick car before ending up on its side on Beechwood Avenue Thursday afternoon. Driver Arthur Douglas was slightly hurt. According to reports the driver was road testing the truck…

Overturned hauling truck

"Bottom up: this truck which was hauling white mud from a tile factory ending up in the wrong position along Headley Avenue off Molynes Road on Tuesday afternoon. The driver told the Daily News that he had just turned left from Molynes Road when he…

Garbage truck and Toyota van crash

"Thirty-year old Lucall Hylton, of Spanish Town, was killed on the spot yesterday morning when this Toyota van crashed into the back of a garbage truck. Three other persons were admitted to the Spanish Town Hospital and six others were treated and…

Truck stuck in hole

"This vehicle came to grief when it stuck in a hole on the Spanish Town Road following Hurricane Carmen heavy rains."

Overturned truck near Red Gal Ring

"A total of 11 people were injured, two critically, when this truck overturned near Red Gal Ring on the Stony Hill Road early yesterday morning. The truck, with registration FM2257 and laden with market produce and headed for Kingston from St. Mary,…

Garbage truck and motor car crash

"Let's kiss: Scene near Kings House Gate Monday morning following a crash between a garbage truck and a motor car."

Truck wreckage

"Passersby look curiously at the truck's wreckage along the Stony Hill Road yesterday."

Damaged house at Long Lane

"In the wrong place: as if wondering, "why this had to happen?" members of a St. Andrew household are seen looking at the 8-ton truck which crashed into their house along Long Lane early yesterday morning. Reports said the truck was travelling south…