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Bedford truck transporting electrical fixtures

"This Bedford truck laden with electrical fixtures owned by Y.P. Seaton and Associates Co. Ltd. (Electrical Contractors) of 52c Molynes Road, Kingston 10, was being driven by Clarence Farquharson of a Kingston address, and overturned when a defective…

Collision between a truck and taxi cab

"Traffic was held up along the Half Way Tree Road yesterday following this collision between a truck and a taxi cab. Four persons were injured, none of them seriously, it was reported. The collision took place just opposite the J.I.S. building at…

Red Stripe truck

"Bring home the beer: you know what happens when Mohammed will not go to the mountain. But there's no telling what will happen when you don't go to the brewery. At Papine on Saturday the brewery almost went to the householder when this truck which…