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Cavalry Brigade at Papine
The Cavalry Brigade camps out at Papine with the mountains in the background. Soldiers and their horses are standing abreast in front of tents.

Tents at a military camp site in Papine, St. Andrew, Jamaica

Sir Alexander on a visit to a JDF camp on open day

Prime Minister Sir Alexander Bustamante on a visit to an open day event at the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) camp. The families of soldiers are also in attendance. In the background are several military tents.

Washing day at Papine Camp, Lt. Read

Lieutenant Read bathing in a small bath pan on the campgrounds in Papine.

Supply of transport, Lt. Mackfield

Lt. Mackfield, West India Regiment officer with responsibility for transportation.

Camps - Swallowfield, after earthquake

Demolished buildings at the Swallowfield military camp in Kingston, Jamaica, by the 1907 earthquake. Several tents have been erected on the grounds.

Mackfield Camp

Tents set up on the lawns of the Mackfield Camp.

Refugee camp

Cooking, cleaning and other housekeeping activities taking place at a temporary shelter, set up in Kingston after earthquake and fire in Kingston.

Tents on the course

Tents set up for displaced citizens