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Hazardous road conditions

"Safety hazard: Pedestrians and motorists who use Bray Street near Somerset Avenue in Franklyn Town have complained about the condition."

Huge pothole at the corner of King & Tower Street

"This is not a downtown oasis but a huge pot hole at the corner of King and Tower Streets. It has so far failed to attract the attention of the KSAC whose headquarters is only two short blocks away."

Danger zone

"Danger zone: This is one danger zone on Mountain View Avenue where four big holes span the road presenting a hazard even to vehicles as big as this JOB bus."

Raw sewage on the intersection of Beckford and West Street in Kingston

" 'How long?' That is the question people facing the stink at this intersection of Beckford and West Streets in Kingston have been asking. For months now a sewer main has been malfunctioning. The road surface is eroded and the many mini-lakes give…

Darling Street

Photograph showing the garbage and debris filled Darling Street in West Kingston. A section of the badly damaged street is blocked by several large objects, preventing any vehicular traffic.

Chelsea Avenue

"The road surface along Chelsea Avenue near its intersection with Half Way Tree Road in St. Andrew has been deteriorating for some time. Photograph shows a motorist carefully negotiating the large potholes and sinks."

Bob Marley Boulevard

A vehicle traverses the thoroughfare along the Bob Marley Boulevard that has been badly damaged by rain waters. A housing scheme is to the left.