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Prime Minister Michael Manley addressing Commonwealth Heads of Government

"Prime Minister Michael Manley addressing the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference at Pegasus Hotel yesterday."

Mr. Michael Manley

Prime Minister Michael holding discussions with officials.

Michael Manley addresses the congregation at the Arena

"Prime Minister Michael as he addressed the closing session of the annual assembly of the Church of God at the National Arena on Sunday night. Mr. Manley told the assembly that through self-reliance the spirit of love could be channeled into…

Florizel Glasspole and others

Governor General Sir Florizel Glasspole (in distance), Edna Manley and Michael Manley (front row) among others at a large gathering.

David Coore, Finance Minister

d_0007023 _david_coore_minister_education.jpg
"Welcome: Finance Minister David Coore greets Australian Deputy Prime Minister D. Cairns at Jamaica House yesterday morning. Behind Mr. Coore (left to right) are Prime Minister Michael Manley and Mining and Natural Resources Minister Allan Isaacs.…

Frank Borman

"Prime Minister Michael Manley and Eastern Airlines chief executive and former astronaut Frank Borman at the Third Caribbean Tourism Conference in Ocho Rios this week. Both Mr. Manley and Mr. Borman addressed the opening session of the…

Michael Manley holding the rod

"The rod is back - PNP Leader Michael Manley holds aloft the "Rod of Heavy Manner" at the highpoint during his address to the mammoth 120,000 PNP rally in Montego Bay on Sunday night. The dramatic re-appearance of the rod came back as Mr. Manley said…

Michael Manley

Members of the police force shield Prime Minister Michael Manley as scores of supporters surround him.