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Kings House and grounds, Jamaica

Kings House and grounds. A woman stands in the yard, one hand on hip; a bouquet of plants in the other.

Nuttall Memorial Hospital

A front view of the Nuttall Memorial Hospital in Cross Roads, Jamaica.

East King's House Road

"The source of the problem - scene on East King's House Road after a lake created by a burst main had subsided."

Darling Street 2

"Darling Street in West Kingston is a main thoroughfare for vehicles and pedestrians using that section of the Corporate Area. The road surface is one of the worst in the city. Its many potholes look more like lakes. Daily News photographed these…

Darling Street

Photograph showing the garbage and debris filled Darling Street in West Kingston. A section of the badly damaged street is blocked by several large objects, preventing any vehicular traffic.

Charles and Bond Streets

" 'Marl Hill Road' - Intersection of Charles and Bond Streets where this hill of marl has been in the middle of the road and there drain covers have been in this condition for a while. The drain is also blocked and has not been cleaned."

Church Street

"This truck was the victim of the aftermath of the heavy rains in Down Town Kingston, as owing to the heavy water along Church Street, the driver failed to see a danger sign and the rear wheel of the truck sunk into a trench."

Chelsea Avenue

"The road surface along Chelsea Avenue near its intersection with Half Way Tree Road in St. Andrew has been deteriorating for some time. Photograph shows a motorist carefully negotiating the large potholes and sinks."

Beckford Street

"The intersection of Beckford Street and Princess Street in downtown Kingston. Old car parts, bed springs and other articles form the 'back-drop' of a pool of filth on Beckford Street and the pungent stream of water runs from the manhole at the…

Bellevue Hospital

This inmate inside has been locked away. There is no bed and the floor is of concrete.