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Kings House and grounds, Jamaica

Kings House and grounds. A woman stands in the yard, one hand on hip; a bouquet of plants in the other.

Fault, Palisadoes
Sandblows and surface faulting to a section of Palisadoes lined with cacti and shrubs. An umbrella is sticking out in the sand.

Frame house
Frame house remains standing and undamaged after earthquake. Slightly damaged concrete fence.

General Penitentiary overthrown
A damaged door and overthrown soft bricks in piles on the ground, at the eastward side of the General Penitentiary, a penal institution in Kingston, Jamaica

Sunday morning - Up Park Camp
Women and girls walking past dwellings near Up-Park Camp on a Sunday morning. Two men, one attired in military uniform, are in the foreground.

Nuttall Memorial Hospital

A front view of the Nuttall Memorial Hospital in Cross Roads, Jamaica.

East King's House Road

"The source of the problem - scene on East King's House Road after a lake created by a burst main had subsided."