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Corner North Street

"Splishing and splashing: When bad weather puts going to the beach out of the question, you can always take to the street and make the best of a heavy downpour, shown here by this backstroke swimmer. Her beach was at the corner of North Street and…

Flood victims

"Liberty Way, the entrance to Garveymeade, was a lake on Saturday morning as our photo shows. Here two citizens wade their way through to get to their homes. Since the recent heavy rainfalls, Garveymeade residents, who are brave enough to leave their…

Flooded roadway

A flooded road in Jamaica, following heavy rains.

Flooded roadway

Cars travelling along a flooded road in Jamaica.

Green Park main road, St. James

"Green Park: The Green Park main road in St. James was cut in two by the heavy rains last week."

Gilda flood victims

"For future use: a young girl carefully places a mop with her parents luggage."

Golden Spring

"A Wag Water tributary broke through this retaining wall flowing into the Golden Spring premises of Alphus Sinclair who is 85 years old. A dejected Mr. Sinclair (on steps) views the damage done to his house which has been standing for over 20 years."

Ginger Hall - St. Thomas

"Some causes of flooding: This drain at Ginger Hall near Bath, being too small to take the volume of water, was previously not cleared until it rained was the cause of flooding of several homes in the Ginger Hall area of St. Thomas in the current…

Industrial Estate

"Water, water, water: this section of the Industrial Estate near to Tinson Pen was virtually impassable for motorcars. Here, one car that shut off is being pushed by citizens of the area."