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Boys riding a donkey

Two boys sit atop a donkey while conversing with two other boys who are sitting by the side of a road.

Donkey race

Two men racing their donkeys.


Guinness Brewery fun-day

"A cart-full of high spirited children cavort around the grounds of the Guinness Brewery during a Fun-Day held by the Company earlier this month, for children from Central Village."

N.W. Manley on donkey in rural area

Former Jamaican Prime Minister, the Honourable Norman Washington Manley, riding a donkey and engaging in conversation.

Off to the jail

Two female vendors on their donkeys, being taken into custody by a policeman.

On the Rockfort Road

Two peasant women with load on their heads and accompanied by a boy and a donkey carrying a hamper, are walking along the Rockfort Road, St. Andrew, Jamaica on their way to the market.