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N.W. Manley visiting patient

The Honourable Norman Washington Manley having a cheerful conversation with a hospital patient.

N.W. Manley on donkey in rural area

Former Jamaican Prime Minister, the Honourable Norman Washington Manley, riding a donkey and engaging in conversation.

Statue of Hon. N.W. Manley

Statue of the Honurable Norman Washington Manley, located on a pedestal at the entrance of the St. William Grant Park in Downtown, Kingston.

The house of Robbi Reid at Lloyds the first house in Jamaica built by co-op effort.

Norman Manley (front row in suit) and a group of persons standing in front yard and the verandah of the first house built by a co-operative in Jamaica.

Presentation of N.W. Manley's chair to IOJ

Presentation of former Jamaican Prime Minister Norman Washington Manley's chair to the Institute of Jamaica.

National Hero - Norman Manley

The People's National Party's first president, Norman Washington Manley.

Manley gestures as he makes his last speech as President of the PNP

Norman Manley giving a final public speech as outgoing President of the People's National Party.

Norman Washington Manley, Walter Adolphe Roberts and Barbara Ferland at Myrtle Bank Hotel, November 11, 1957
Norman Washington Manley, Walter Adolphe Roberts and Barbara Ferland having a conversationat at a formal event held at the Myrtle Bank Hotel on November 11, 1957.