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Overturned bus on Spanish Town Road

"This bus overturned on the Spanish Town-Kingston Highway, Sunday, October 14. Six of the 30 passengers were injured."

Road accident on Half Way Tree Road

"The people in this picture probably smiled for our photographer because no one was injured in this accident yesterday. Reports said the Mini was entering Half Way Tree Road from West Ivy Green Crescent when it got out of control and ran into the…

Police patrol car crash

"Lucky cop: This police patrol car got out of control along Hope Road yesterday, careened in a screeching about-turn and then was knocked back onto its proper path by the JOS bus alongside. The driver and only occupant, E.L. Hall, received minor cuts…

Harbour Street ca. 1960

d_0009937_harbour street_1960.jpg
A photograph showing a truck, cars, pedestrians and a number 2 bus [Harbour View East/City Centre route], travelling along Harbour Street. Business places such as 'Pauls', 'East Indian Bazaar', 'Barclays Bank' and 'Levy Brothers Electrical Ltd' are…

Downtown Kingston (Victoria Avenue)

A view of a section of Victoria Avenue with a Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus driving past the Machado building located at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Lower South Camp Road in Kingston, Jamaica.

JOS media representatives

"Checking it out: Media representatives, Jamaica Omnibus Services workers and other members of the touring party trying out the new aluminium seats which have been installed in this JOS bus. Following a scarcity of fibreglass on the open market, JOS…

Dangerous bus ride

"Some way to travel. It won't get you there any faster, but it could be cheaper - in the short run; that is if you don't fall off. Then it could be much more expensive."

Bus engine

"Bus engine being rebuilt at the JOS Tivoli Depot's engineering department. Gerald McLoud explains what is being done to restore this engine to managing director Frank Forbes [right]. At far left is central workshop foreman Anthony Whitelock."

Bus crash - JOS bus

"End of the chase: this J.O.S. bus driven off by a man who was later charged with lunacy, crashed at the foot of Beverley Hills shortly after mid-night Monday, following a chase by JOS driver had been offering repairs to another bus when this one was…

A dangerous bus ride

"A dangerous practice: Despite appeals and warnings from all quarters overloaded passenger buses continue to ply on the various routes. These two youngsters, caught by out photographer, had apparently decided that whatever the cost, this bus would…