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Scene from Queenie's Daughter

A scene from the 1973/74 Little Theatre Movement Pantomime, Queenie's Daughter.

Scene from LTM Pantomime, Music Boy

Cast of the 1971/72 Little Theatre Movement Pantomime, Music Boy, including main characters, "Miss Mamma" played by Louise Bennett (left) and "P.C. Stripeless" played by Ranny Williams.

Charles Hyatt as Joe in "Love Thy Neighbour"

"Jamaican actor Charles Hyatt plays Joe in "Love Thy Neighbour", a Hammer picture for Anglo-EMI which opens in London today. This is a large-screen version of the successful version of the successful Independent Television Comedy Series of the same…

Bob Marley

Bob Marley with Mick Jagger, English musician and Marsha Hunt, American actress.