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A small house in Spanish Town

View of the front of a small dwelling in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Tom Cringle's Cotton Tree, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Image of the massive cotton tree widely known as Tom Cringle's Cotton Tree. It was named after a character in a popular 19th century novel entitled 'Tom Cringle's Log' (Michael Scott, 1834). This ceiba or silk cotton tree was located in front of the…

Mallica "Kapo" Reynolds

Kapo poses with one of his sculptures.

A native fishing boat, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Four young men in hats rowing a fishing boat in St. Catherine Jamaica.

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Hussay Festival

Photograph depicting a large gathering in Westmoreland, in celebration of the Hussay, a traditional East Indian religious festival.

Governor General Clifford Campbell takes the oath at the swearing in ceremony

Sir Clifford Campbell was the first Jamaican born Governor General of Jamaica. He served in that position from December 1, 1962 to March 2, 1973. Here he is taking the oath at his swearing in ceremony.

Frome Sugar Factory, Westmoreland, Jamaica

The exterior of the Frome Sugar Factory in Westmoreland, Jamaica. Frome Sugar Estate was once the centre of the region's economic life, processing cane grown on its own lands as well as that supplies thousands of individual small growers from…

The Mannings School, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Front view of one of the buildings on the Mannings School grounds. The Mannings School owes its existence to Thomas Manning, landed proprietor of Burnt Savannah, Westmoreland who died in 1710.

Olympic Games - 1952 Helsinki Olympics Rhoden winning 4 X 400 from Mel Whitfield USA

Jamaica's George Rhoden winning the 4 x 400 relay from USA Mel Whitfield at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland.