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"Peas Please"
Image showing several quarts of red kidney beans, also known as red peas. Some white beans can also be seen.


Rex Nettleford (right) and other members of the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) during a 'Pocomania' performance.

"Pocomania" by N.D.T.C.

National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) during a Pocomania dance performance.

"Pocomania" dance by N.D.T.C.

National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) during a Pocomania dance performance.

"Richman Village"

A view of "Richman Village" in Jamaica.

"The Poet" by Ras Dizzy

The painting entitled 'The poet' by renowned Jamaican artist, Ras Dizzy.


People, dressed in formal attire, gather outside a two-storey dwelling for an event.

(KPH) Kingston Public Hospital

"Flooded hospital: The Kingston Public Hospital's Operating Theatre was flooded by Monday's showers. This coupled with the nurses protest strike made conditions at KPH and other hospitals extremely difficult. The water not only made the theatre…

(KPH) Kingston Public Hospital

"Police and soldiers were very much in evidence yesterday as the ancillary workers at KPH awaited news from the meeting then taking place between Health Ministry officials, union representatives and members of the hospital board."

(KPH) Kingston Public Hospital

"Top: Vying for the doctor's attention. Patients at the Kingston Public Hospital's Casualty Department await their turn as SMO Dr. John McHardy [second from left] lends a helping hand."