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Accident at Hector Street and South Camp Road intersection

"Very close: Constable A. Campbell of Mobile Reserve narrowly escaped death yesterday when his motor cycle collided with this dumper truck driven by Mr. C. Couter. The accident occurred at the intersection of Hector Street and South Camp Road. The…

Accident scene

"Accident: National Heroes Circle with Honda motorcycle and truck."

Bedford truck transporting electrical fixtures

"This Bedford truck laden with electrical fixtures owned by Y.P. Seaton and Associates Co. Ltd. (Electrical Contractors) of 52c Molynes Road, Kingston 10, was being driven by Clarence Farquharson of a Kingston address, and overturned when a defective…

Car crushed by tractor

"Smash up: Three persons were injured, two of whom have been detained in the Spanish Town Hospital, in this accident at White Marl Friday. The police report that at about 4pm. the tractor was crossing the road and the motor car ran into it. The three…

Crash - Mount Diablo Hill

"Lack of road discipline can [result in] much more than what happened in this accident scene...The motor-car at left just missed plunging into a 30-feet ravine with the assistance of the utility pole at left. The near-tragedy occurred last Saturday…

Crash caused by cow

"The driver said the cow [in picture at left] was the author of the mishap. Bessie jumped from a bank into the roadway and into the path of the minibus. The driver swerved again to avoid crashing into another vehicle [inset]."

Crashed truck in Holland Bamboo archway

"Mystery crash: this truck crashed an`d was extensively damaged in the Holland Bamboo archway in St. Elizabeth sometime on Saturday morning. Up to late Saturday morning the Lacovia police who are investigating the circumstances under which the…

Damaged house at Long Lane

"In the wrong place: as if wondering, "why this had to happen?" members of a St. Andrew household are seen looking at the 8-ton truck which crashed into their house along Long Lane early yesterday morning. Reports said the truck was travelling south…

Damaged tanker

"Curious onlookers inspecting the damage to this tanker which crashed into a bridge, one mile from Port Morant on Friday. The bridge was also damaged. Owned by Ivan Jackson of 11 3/4 Seabreeze Avenue, Kingston 2, the tanker was being driven by Lloyd…

Fatal accident involving truck

A crash victims lies motionless in the street behind the rear right tyre of a truck that was transporting pumpkins.