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Semi-truck crash in Mississippi River bridge

"Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jan. 12 - This was the view from below of a semi-truck that crashed on a bridge spanning the Mississippi River in Minneapolis Tuesday. The truck dangled over icy waters until pulled up. The driver climbed out of the cab…

Truck wreckage

"Passersby look curiously at the truck's wreckage along the Stony Hill Road yesterday."

Chicken truck that overturned along Washington Boulevard

"Where are the chickens? That is the question driver Orville Barnett is still asking. He was on his way from Four Paths, Clarendon with a truckload of 2,000 chickens consigned to Caribbean Broilers early yesterday morning when the truck overturned…

Overturned truck on main road in St. Ann

"Atkins truck which recently overturned on the main road between Lime Hall and St. Ann's Bay."

Overturned hauling truck

"Bottom up: this truck which was hauling white mud from a tile factory ending up in the wrong position along Headley Avenue off Molynes Road on Tuesday afternoon. The driver told the Daily News that he had just turned left from Molynes Road when he…

Telephone truck and Buick car

"This Telephone truck got out of control and hit a telephone pole and a Buick car before ending up on its side on Beechwood Avenue Thursday afternoon. Driver Arthur Douglas was slightly hurt. According to reports the driver was road testing the truck…

Oil tanker and Ford Escort motorcar

"What was the cause? Traffic lights in the Corporate Area have not been working for a few days now. On Thursday however, there was a collision between the oil tanker and the Ford Escort motorcar [in the picture above], at the intersection of South…

Truck accident

Police and spectators on the scene of an accident involving a truck.

Train accident

Damage to the front of a truck after it collided with an oncoming train at a railway crossing.