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Crash along Spanish Town Road along Weymouth Drive stoplight

"This Toyota motor car was destroyed and two people died on the spot yesterday morning along the Spanish Town Road at the traffic light at Weymouth Drive. A third later died in the Kingston Public Hospital. Dead are Henry Reid, 52, his four-year old…

Death scene: Kingston - Spanish town

"Death scene: One of the victims who died yesterday morning along the Kingston-Spanish Town Highway in an accident involving two minibuses and a Leyland bus. On the ground is Winston Robinson, 35 year old porter of Linstead Hospital. In the…

Fiat Peugeot collision - Norman Manley

"Death crash: Customs officer Iroy Clayton was pronounced dead at the Kingston Public Hospital on Sunday afternoon after the Fiat motorcar (foreground) he was driving collided with a Peugeot driven by Junior Gordon, of Bay View. The accident occurred…

Side man Kenrick Wynter

"Side-man Kenrick Wynter was lucky to be in the front of the bus. However, he sustained injuries when he was thrown through the windshield by the impact. He said he did not think the accident could have been avoided."

Accident victim

An accident victim being treated by a nurse in a hospital.

Speed crash victims

"Speed crash victims: These two men lie bloodied and battered after a speeding motorist accused of being "under liquor" crashed into the Lambretta bike they were riding at the corner of Oxford and Half Way Tree Roads last night. The driver of the car…

Traffic accident victim

Onlookers stand by as a policeman and two other men help to lift an accident victim into a car.

Injured accident victim

An injured accident being transported in the back of a truck.

Crash victims

"The crash victims being removed to an ambulance from the JDF aircraft on arrival in Kingston yesterday."

"Crash victims at Ferris Westmoreland."