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Sergeants, 1885

A group photograph of Sergeants of the 1st West India Regiment taken under a large tree.

Gunners 1st. W.I. Regiment

Gunners of the 1st. West India Regiment standing beside cannons on wheels.

Trooping the Colours 1903

Troops of the West India Regiment Trooping the Colour in 1930 in celebration of the Sovereign's birthday while spectators look on.

Signalling Class
A group of men posing with their signalling devices in front of a building.

Regiment with gun
Full size photo of regiment member clad in uniform.

Return of B.W.I. R
A massive crowd turns out to welcome members of the British West Indies Regiment as they return from the World War

Return of last contingent
The last contingent of the British West Indies Regiment disembarks the ship that is docked at the pier, as they return from the War.

Group of West India Regiment Officers 1905

A group of thirty-one officers from the West India Regiment, 1905. In the background is a large three storey building.