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Children at Christmas treat at Over Orange River, St. James

"Over 130 children most of whom were students of the Edwards Basic School at Over River Orange in St. James, were given a Christmas treat by the Montego Bay Jaycees recently. The treat, which is an annual project of the chapter's Community…

Children from East Kingston Creche and Josephine Glasspole Basic School

"Children enjoying the last drop of drinks while showing off skill in balancing, as others went about disposing of their treat of cake and drinks in a more conservative way. These four were among the children from the East Kingston Creche and…

Bank of Jamaica Sports Club's children's treat

"Bank of Jamaica's Sports Club recognises International Year of the Child: Nearly 300 children from St. Michael's All-Age School, Salvation Army Rae Town Basic School, Mico Practising School, Galthan and Bank of Jamaica staff members' children…