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David Paton

"Project Orbis - an eye clinic aboard a DC-8 jet which provides medical treatment for serious eye disorders worldwide is scheduled to visit Jamaica by mid 1982. The announcement was made at Jamaica House on Tuesday. The jet will come to the island…

David Paton in a meeting

"Mitsy Seaga, Patron of JAMAC, Bruce Rickards, Chairman of JAMAC; and Dr. Ken Baugh. The Clinic will visit Jamaica for two weeks starting April 12."

Dr. Harold A. Moody

Portrait of Dr. Harold Moody wearing a graduation robe.

Dr. Courtney Wedderburn admiring his birthday gift from Panama

"Dr. Courtney Wedderburn admiring his birthday gift from Panama, a handmade flag presented to him at a ceremony in honour at the Panamanian Ambassador's residence last Sunday. Pictured with him are his wife, Dr. Leila Wynter-Wedderburn, Ambassador…