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Hon. Sydney Pagon

"Alpart Land for lease: Hon. Sydney Pagon, Minister of Regional Affairs and Member of Parliament for North East St. Elizabeth (second from left) is all smiles as he shakes hands with Alpart's General Manager Jim Sparkman, shortly after Mr. Sparkman…

Mr. Sydney Pagon

"Mr. Sydney Pagon speaking to farmers at the launching of Elim, Thatch River and Barton Isle properties in St. Elizabeth. At speaker's left is Parliamentary Secretary Bellinfanti. At left is Mr. Bertie Green, Chairman Santa Cruz Area Land Authority.…

Sydney Pagon

Sydney Pagon - Member of Parliament (PNP) for NE St. Elizabeth.

Sydney Pagon

"Sydney Pagon - NE St. Elizabeth"

Works and Communications Minister Sydney Pagon

"Works and Communication Minister Sidney Pagon, receives from Acting Indian Commissioner, Narendra N. Gupta, research papers of the Central Road Research Institute of India. The handing over ceremony took place at Mr. Pagon's office recently. Mr.…

Sydney Pagon

Sydney Pagon [top left], PM Michael Manley and other members of Parliament from the People's National Party (PNP) during a parliamentary session.

Works Minister Sydney Pagon

"Works Minister, Sydney Pagon, calls on engineers to devote some of their time to training Jamaicans. Occasion was the annual dinner of the Engineers Association Friday night at Terra Nova Hotel. At the Minister's left are the Association's…

Communications Minister Sydney Pagon

"Works and Communication Minister Sydney Pagon talks to students John Gould about his work at the Tarrant In-Service Training Centre. Gould is one of 19 students who recently completed a twelve week in-service course for works overseers of the…

Minister of State (Finance) Sydney Pagon

"Help from the east: Members of a Chinese textile expert group with Minister of State (Finance) Sydney Pagon (left) after they arrived at Norman Manley Airport last night. The group is here to look at the establishment of a polyester spinning and…