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NAVCO assembling bus

"NAVCO's [National Vehicle Corporation] employees seen in the process of assembling one of the buses used by the Jamaica Omnibus Service Company. NAVCO employs some 70 people, all Jamaicans. They were trained by a leading U.K. - based bus-building…

NAVCO employee working on bus frame

"A NAVCO (National Vehicles Corporation) employee carries out work on a locally fabricated frame. The frames are designed with the maximum protection of passengers in mind and are well suited for rural operations. The buses also have a strengthened…

NAVCO's M-79 bus

"The finished product - one of NAVCO's (National Vehicles Corporation) latest designs, the M-79. More than 50% of the raw materials that have gone into the production of this bus were produced locally by suppliers and sub-contractors to…

JOS bus crash along Half Way Tree Road

"JOS bus crash along Half Way Tree Road: JOS Driver Floret Thomas (right) explains to Police Constable Whibly how this bus crashed into the utility pole along Half Way Tree Road Sunday afternoon. According to Mrs. Thomas, she applied the brakes and…

JOS Leyland National accident

Another one: Another JOS Leyland National was involved in an accident yesterday. Driver Newman Boyd reported that he was negotiating the corner at Orange Street and Orange Way when the bus skidded and crashed into the wall on Orange Way, at about…

Death scene: Kingston - Spanish town

"Death scene: One of the victims who died yesterday morning along the Kingston-Spanish Town Highway in an accident involving two minibuses and a Leyland bus. On the ground is Winston Robinson, 35 year old porter of Linstead Hospital. In the…

JOS tour

"New JOS Board chairman A.Z Preston is attracted by something while JOS Chief Engineer George Swindlehurst beckons to JOS Advertising Manager Henling Wade (at right) to make the next move when members of the JOS Board toured the JOS Tivoli depot on…

Bus crash at Hagley Park Road and Eastwood Park Road

"Three of the 52 passengers on this bus were taken to hospital yesterday after the vehicle left the road and crashed into the fence of the Ministry of Housing's legal office at the corner of Hagley Park Road and Eastwood Park Road. The accident…

JOS route 10 bus crash

"This JOS bus plying on route No. 10 was returning to the city yesterday when it failed to negotiate a corner and crashed through the fence of the home of Mrs. Joyce Constable at 5 Dulwich Drive, Drumblair. Four passengers sustained slight injuries…

Danger zone

"Danger zone: This is one danger zone on Mountain View Avenue where four big holes span the road presenting a hazard even to vehicles as big as this JOB bus."