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Harbour Street ca. 1960

d_0009937_harbour street_1960.jpg
A photograph showing a truck, cars, pedestrians and a number 2 bus [Harbour View East/City Centre route], travelling along Harbour Street. Business places such as 'Pauls', 'East Indian Bazaar', 'Barclays Bank' and 'Levy Brothers Electrical Ltd' are…

Corner of King and Harbour Streets

A view of the three-storey building known as Waterloo House, located at the corner of King Street [left] and Harbour Street in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica.

King Street looking south

An elevated view of King Street, Kingston, looking towards the Kingston Harbour.

King Street looking south from Parade

King Street looking south, captured from the Victoria Park vicinity. To the left is the Kingston Parish Church building.

Harbour Street looking west

Harbour Street looking west, with a view of commercial and public buildings in Downtown, Kingston.

Harbour Street looking west from John's Lane

A view of the courthouse located along Harbour Street, as seen from John's Lane, Kingston.

Harbour Street looking east

Aerial view of Harbour Street looking towards the east.