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Return of Colonel Madden's detachment. View of Harbour St. Kingston

Scene at Harbour Street, Kingston, where a large crowd is gathered in celebration of the return of Colonel Addem's detachment.

Harbour St., Kingston

Harbour Street showing buildings including the Army and Navy Stores.

Harbour Street

A section of Harbour Street in Downtown Kingston, looking west to east. The Treasury and the Post Office on opposite sides of the street are indicated in ink. Pedestrians are walking along the street.

Harbour Street (east) c. 1905

An aerial view of Harbour Street in Downtown, Kingston, looking east.

Harbour Street Kingston, looking to the west

An aerial view of Harbour Street in Downtown, Kingston, looking west.

Harbour Street, Kingston

Harbour Street in Kingston, Jamaica showing commuters travelling on foot, horse-drawn carriages and tramcar.

Harbour Street looking east

A view of Harbour Street looking east, near the intersection with King Street in Kingston, Jamaica. To the right is the Colonial Bank.

Harbour Street looking east

Aerial view of Harbour Street looking towards the east.