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Duckenfield Sugar Company Works Yard residents

"Two Works Yard housewives trying to wash out the mud and excrement from their clothes."

Duckenfield Sugar Company Works Yard residents

"Can wi sponge dry? Duckenfield Sugar Company works yard residents trying to dry their bedding which was soaked by last week's flood waters when eight rivers and some 41 supporting gullies were in spate, sending up to eleven feet of water through…

Sirgany Drive (Kingston)

d_0007934_sirgany_drive _kingston.jpg
"Wet existence: Number 14 Sirgany Drive during a short full in Tuesday's heavy showers. Some of the occupants of the home during yesterday and the previous night spent much time syphoning out dirty silty water that flowed between and under their…

Railway Lane Beach, Montego Bay

"Citizens of Railway Lane, Montego Bay and Pensions and Security Minister Howard Cooke (left, wearing tie) test the strength of a rope used to secure this damaged house which was flooded when the Barnett River overflooded its banks on Thursday night.…

Jacques Road, McGregor Gully

"Members of this family are seen packing their belongings as they prepare to evacuate their Jacques Road home in the McGregor Gully. This residence was also badly affected by last year's Gilda floods."