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Cortina motor car in the bushes

"This Cortina motor car left the road and end up in this lump of bushes on the Naggo Head Road last Saturday morning. It was not known if any one was hurt. The vehicle was badly damaged."

Accident along Red Hills Road

"For the garage: these two cars will need to have repairs after being involved in an accident along Red Hills Road yesterday. Both cars were travelling in the same direction when the accident occurred at about 2:30pm. Car at left, an Oldsmobile was…

Cortina motorcar crash

"It is not known if the driver of this car learnt a lesson but the Daily News understands that this Cortina motor car was being driven by a learner-driver when it crashed into this light pole at the corner of Molynes and Waltham Park Roads…

Car crash at Molynes Road

"Things were not all that bright for Rudolph Bright at the northern end of Molynes Road yesterday afternoon as his red Cortina motorcar came into the turn heading for the intersection of Molynes Road and Red Hills Road. He went for the brakes and…

Crash at the intersection of Cargill Avenue

"Collision - one person was injured and treated at the Medical Associates Hospital on Saturday afternoon following the collision of a Cortina and a Valiant motor car at the intersection of Cargill Avenue and Half Way Tree Road. Both vehicles were…

Crash at Border Avenue and Lydia

"The driver of this Cortina motor car (or what's left of it) was injured and taken to hospital when it crashed Wednesday morning at Border Avenue and Lydia Drive in St. Andrew."

Car crash

"Death scene: remains of the Cortina."

Car-truck collision

Scene of a traffic accident involving a truck and a Cortina motor-vehicle.

Car collision outside the Bank of Commerce Jamaica Ltd.

"What a crash! This Ford Cortina yesterday ended up at the side of the Bank of Commerce Jamaica Limited building [corner of Harbour and King Streets] - after it collided with another car travelling along Harbour Street. The car which was driven by…

Collision along Maxfield Avenue

"Crash: These two cars collided along Maxfield Avenue, St. Andrew yesterday. The Hillman had just left Lyndhurst Road to go north along Maxfield Avenue while the Cortina was travelling east from Kings Crescent. No one was injured. One windshield was…