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Jamaica Omnibus Services bus

A number 94 Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) bus on its route.

JOS bus at Cross Roads

A mother and her young children waiting on a Jamaica Omnibus Services bus at Cross Roads, Kingston.

JOS bus

Photograph showing damage to a section of a Leyland Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) bus.

Horace Clarke and conductress

"Transport Minister Horace Clarke Clarke paying his fare to conductress Verona Brown before beginning the tour of the new 38 bus route to Havendale and Meadowbrook yesterday."

Trial Jamaica Omnibus Services bus

"Trial bus: one of two buses imported from the United States which will shortly be put on trial by the Jamaica Omnibus Services Limited [JOS]. Initially, the buses will ply the X77 and Rock Hall in St. Andrew routes. They were imported from the motor…

Defaced JOS bus

"Unclean: One of the more than 200 JOS buses which were defaced by political activists during the general election campaign."

Jamaica Omnibus Services buses

Jamaica Omnibus Services (JOS) buses parked up at a depot.

Vandalized JOS bus

"It was a lucky driver who escaped the wrath of vandals last week when they attacked this JOS bus, L115, in the Olympic Gardens area. Picture shows splintered glass from the shattered windscreen, all over the driver's area."

Jamaica Omnibus Services inspectors

"Passing the time: JOS inspectors in discussion outside the UTASP headquarters along Church Street yesterday as they and supervisors continued their sick-out for a second day."

JOS workers protesting

"JOS workers outside Slipe Road Office yesterday protesting dismissal notices."