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Fae Ellington and Charles Hyatt

"Playwright/Producer/Director Charles Hyatt looks on approvingly as Fae Ellington delivers a 'prissy' line during rehearsals for the JBC staff Christmas Pantomime - 'Curly Locks and the Seven Dee-jays,' being broadcast on Boxing Day at 11:00 a.m. on…

Hyatt, Charles

Candid photograph of Jamaican actor, author and playwright, Charles Hyatt, with a beverage in hand.

John Hearne

Jamaican author and journalist, John Edgar Colwell Hearne.

Ms. Joan Williams

Joan Williams, Jamaican author and former radio show host.

Joan Williams

Jamaican political commentator, author and former radio show host, Joan Williams.

Miss Lou meeting the Queen

Louise Bennett and the Queen smile as they greet each other on the Queen's visit to Jamaica.

Miss Lou beside a bus

Miss Lou, dressed in outfit with African print, stands by a minibus.

Miss Lou reading in the comfort of her home

Louise Bennett-Coverley at her home in a room with items such as: encyclopedias, a large Miss Lou bust, small busts, photographs and other personal items.