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Louise Bennett by Clinton Hamilton

Miss Lou captured on stage with props and statuettes in the background.

Fae Ellington and Charles Hyatt

"Playwright/Producer/Director Charles Hyatt looks on approvingly as Fae Ellington delivers a 'prissy' line during rehearsals for the JBC staff Christmas Pantomime - 'Curly Locks and the Seven Dee-jays,' being broadcast on Boxing Day at 11:00 a.m. on…

Ms. Joan Williams

Joan Williams, Jamaican author and former radio show host.

Joan Williams

Jamaican political commentator, author and former radio show host, Joan Williams.

Swithin Wilmot

Dr. Swithin R. Wilmot, author and educator.

Andrene Bonner

Author, actress and singer, Andrene Bonner, sitting on the floor with one leg outstretched.

Charles Hyatt performing

"The evergreen Charles Hyatt doing his hilarious thing on Saturday night."

Charles Hyatt with Mandeville hosts

"Charles Hyatt (Centre) - co-producer/presenter, with Fae Ellington, of the popular Radio ! Sunday Proframme "Down Your Way," seen with his Mandeville hosts - Ripton (extreme right) and Blossom (3rd from left) Savin, family and and friends, during…

Charles Hyatt receiving advice from Gregory

"Charles Hyatt receiving advice from Gregory, one of the more experienced performers in 'Cindy'. This year's production of J.C.T. opening took place at Creative Arts Centre, UWI on December 20."