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Fae Ellington and Charles Hyatt

"Playwright/Producer/Director Charles Hyatt looks on approvingly as Fae Ellington delivers a 'prissy' line during rehearsals for the JBC staff Christmas Pantomime - 'Curly Locks and the Seven Dee-jays,' being broadcast on Boxing Day at 11:00 a.m. on…

Andrene Bonner

Author, actress and singer, Andrene Bonner, sitting on the floor with one leg outstretched.

Dahlia Harris

Media personality, Dahlia Harris, carrying out master of ceremonies duties during the National Library of Jamaica's World Poetry Day Celebration & Award Ceremony.

Sheila Elaine Carter

Headshot of Jamaica actress, Sheila Elaine Carter nee Hill.

Lola Parkinson who plays Miss Birdie and Andre Broon who plays Washie

"The 500th episode of Life in Hopeful Village, the dramatic JIS Radio series about rural life in Jamaica, was shown last month, marking ten years since the first episode was broadcast. Life in Hopeful Village was introduced by Elaine Perkins, and…