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Mrs. Walter Rodney leaving from Palisadoes

Mrs. Walter Rodney leaving from Palisadoes Airport. A friend holds her two year old son.

Portrait of Byron Lee

Byron Lee with his guitar.

Amy Jacques Garvey with sons Julius Garvey & Marcus Garvey Jr.

Amy Jacques Garvey posing for a photograph with her sons Julius and Marcus Garvey.

Institute of Jamaica John Canoe Parade

Dressed in Jonkunnu costumes, staff members of the Institute of Jamaica promote their 'Chrismus a Come' fair.

Lucea United Church

Drawing of congregants standing before the Lucea United Church, Hanover.

Colgate Production Committee Discussion

"The '77 Colgate Production Committee is seen in discussion at their inaugural meeting held last week."

Daphne Daley talking about their manufacture

"Colgate's production foreman Daphne Daley telling her audience all about the manufacture of the Colgate Dental Cream tube. Occasion was the recent tour of the Colgate factory by the winners in the All-Island Schools' Netball Competition."


"Winning prize for coming first in his age group (4 -7 years) in the essay competition in 75."

Sir Clifford Campbell speaking to club

"Sir Clifford Campbell is seen speaking to the Colgate Cavity Fighters at their Saturday morning show in RJR studios on November 1, when he launched the Kiwanis Clubs' courtesy campaign."

Young Cavity Fighter delivers an item

"A Young Cavity Fighter renders her item on the programme at the Cavity Fighters Club's Day at Coconut Park recently, watched by thousands of her fellow club members and emcee Neville Willoughby."