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Roy Coverley adjusting his tie while using the glass of the business establishment as his mirror

Roy Coverley, dressed in hat and formal suit, uses the glass from a store front to adjust his bow-tie.

Head shot of Roy Coverley

Portrait of Roy Coverley, Jamaican journalist and entertainer.

Roy Coverley speaking with female companion while sitting at the table

Journalist and poet, Eric Coverley, shares a moment with a young woman at a dinner setting.

Coverley Columbus preview

Candid shot of guests at an event.

Roy Coverley, Ivy Coverley and Eric Coverley

The Coverley siblings pose for a photograph - (l-r) Roy Coverley, Ivy Coverley and Eric Coverley (Louise Bennett's husband).

Unidentified photograph from Roy Coverley's folder

A desolate area in the country side on a cloudy day.

Entrance: Hope Gardens

Trees lining the entrance of Hope Gardens. Heaps of grass have been bundled on the freshly cut lawn.

The Orchid Walk at Hope

Two men stand at a section of Hope Botanical Gardens known as "The Orchid Walk".

Hope Garden

A view of the Hope Aqueduct that runs across lands (including Hope Gardens) once known as the Hope Estate.

Hope Garden

Photograph showing palm trees and other features of the landscape at Hope Botanical Gardens, St. Andrew.