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Sir Philip Sherlock (reading) - Mrs. Irelle Cousins, J. Figueroa

[l-r] Philip Sherlock, Mrs. Irelle Cousins, and poet and educator, John Figueroa.

Vice-Chancellor, UWI

Portrait of Vice-Chancellor, Philip Sherlock.

Sherlock, Philip (Sir)

Portrait of Sir Philip Sherlock dressed in a black jacket, white shirt and bow tie.

Portrait of Rev. Hugh Sherlock

This is a portrait of Rev. Hugh Braham Sherlock. He was born in Portland, Jamaica on March 21, 1905. Jamaica's National Pledge and Jamaica's National Anthem were written by him,

The Torrid Zone, or, Blessings of Jamaica

A graphic and satirical portrayal of colonial life in three spheres. At the top sphere are the zodiac symbols for Cancer and Leo; in centre is a demon or angel of death holding some concoction in his hand while one leg hangs over the middle sphere…

Harper's weekly (for this they fight - an incident)

Drawing of a group of persons including a young woman, huddled together.

Harper's weekly (sketches in Newcastle, Jamaica)

Sketches in Newcastle, St. Andrew of - 'Officers quarters hospital,' 'A victim to Yellow Jack,' 'Market day,' 'Carrying ammunition,' and 'Taking an invalid for embarkation.'

Kingston, Jamaica, with Newcastle in the distance

A view of Kingston and its harbour; Newcastle can be seen in the distance nestled in the vast mountains.

Smith, Derrick

Portrait of Member of Parliament, Derrick Smith.

Confith Machine

Photograph of a confith (pith) machine, used in sugar manufacture for separating sugarcane.