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Track and field championship

"The Metrication system took priority over all other events at Winchester Primary's Interhouse Track and Field Championship last Thursday. This class 2 Maths Race was won by Bogle House pair, Carmen Jackson, kneeling third and Beverly McFarlane,…

Swinging outdoors at lunchtime

"Lunchtime swingers: children at the Maxfield Park Children's Home take a break from school studies to share a swing on the grounds of the home...and aren't they enjoying it?"

Friends playing outdoors

"Friends - Boy Blue swept little Atania off her feet last Wednesday morning much to the delight of our cameraman. 'She isn't mi sister. Wi just friends,' Boy Blue told the Daily News. Boy Blue and Atania are two members of the youthful community of…

Playing outdoors

Twin brothers pose for a photograph. A little girls looks on behind them.

Swimming in pool

"Gary (foreground) and Lorraine (left) enjoy the wading pool at the Pegasus, along with other visitors to the Hotel."

Eating cotton candy

"All in a days work: 'One for the road' is not a phrase well known in kiddie land. But Junior is doubling up on the offer anyway - oblivious of all the adult goings-on a the prestigious Denbigh Show at the weekend. And who can blame him? He had his…

Playing under table

"13 month old Joseph Tulloch playing with his ball under his father's work desk."

Playing outdoors with ball

"Scrimmage and skates when they should be in school."

Playing outdoors with kite

"The boy and his kite: Clive explains how he puts his kite together while his little sister Carmeta looks on attentively."

Sharing at lunch time

"Sharing is a way of life, and is the expression of brotherly love. Scene is outside a city school at lunch time."