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Colgate donates toothpaste and toothbrush to the Salvation Army

"Colgate donates toothpaste and toothbrushes to the Salvation Army."

Colgate Club at Coconut Park Funland

"Colgate Cavity Fighters Clubs had a special day at Coconut Park Funland recently, and the profits realised were presented to Norma Henriques of Coconut Park for the Jamaica Paraplegic Association."

Cavity Fighters Choir rehearsal

"Choir master Geoffrey Shields conducts the Cavity Fighters choir during a rehearsal at R.J.R."

Newmen at the Nyerere Press Conference

"Newmen participating at the Press Conference."

Liaison officers and secretarial staff

"Liaison officers and secretarial staff at the briefing session at the Sheraton Hotel yesterday."

Chimps in the business

"The two oldest chimps in the business, Miss Susie and her companion, create a storm in the ring while their trainer works helplessly on…"

American Continental Circus

"The daring trapezists of the American Continental Circus look their babies in a strange human chain right beneath the roof of the big top."

Circus act

Circus performers entertain the crowd during a balancing act.

Circus act

"We all like to have a drink now and then…but this is really going too far… an incredible feat of balancing and timing."

Loren Lawrence presents a cheque

"United States ambassador to Jamaica, Loren Lawrence, on Wednesday presented a cheque for $7,316 to Hazel Monteith, president of the Citizens' Advisory Bureau..."