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Local Christmas cards

A display of kid-friendly Christmas cards.

Me da carry straw feyu, gal

"Christmas is a time of giving love, but most of all it is a time of saying it out loud and what better Jamaican way to say hi."

Xmas card

"A card with a message...this message is written in the colours red, green and gold and is sure to be a best seller."

A black Virgin Mary and babe

"A black Virgin Mary and babe on a Christmas card."

Christmas card display

Women going through an assortment of Christmas cards on display.

Christmas card display

Christmas cards on display.

Maxfield Park Children's Home Christmas Treat

"Jesus loves Lovetta Campbell - 7 year old Lovetta knows it and she sings about it when the Cavity Fighters Club visited the Maxfield Park Home last week."

Mona Rehab Centre

"A part of the crowd who turned up for the treat at the Mona Rehab Centre last Wednesday. The treat was mainly for patients at the centre but past patients, relatives and friends also attended. The treat was sponsored by Friends of the Mona Rehab…

Hindu Club of Jamaica Christmas treat

"Gift time: Over 1,500 St. James children were treated by the Hindu Club of Jamaica at the Flankers Primary School for Christmas. Here, officers of the club distribute gifts to the children."

Bustamante Children's Hospital

"Have a sweet Christmas. Caymanas Park Public Relations Officer, LD. Roberts, distributing sweets to the young patients at Children's Hospital, Friday last. Sister Anglin is helping."