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South Camp Hotel
This hotel was situated at 68 South Camp Rd, a mile from the heart of Kingston and was able to house 48 guests. It featured a cocktail bar, fresh water swimming pool, card games and archery for experts and amateurs. The last telephone listing of the…

John Canoe dancers, Jamaica, W.I.
A troupe of John Canoe dancers including the "Queen" and Pitchy Patchy. John Canoe/Jonkonnu is believed to be derived from the name of a famous African Chief of the Guinea Coast named John Connu and a cultural retention of slave society. In Jamaica,…

St. James Parish Church
Built between 1775 and 1782, the church was dedicated to St. James, the Great-Patron Saint of Spain. The 1957 earthquake caused extensive damage to this structure, which brought the need for a complete restoration of the building. One of the numerous…

Brown's Town, St. Ann
This hilltop view of Brown’s Town was taken in 1910 and the scene shows the town abuzz with activity. At present, Brown’s Town is a vibrant commercial center, with the hub being the Brown’s Town Market.


Two women - one mulatta and the other black - standing near the entrance of a small house.

Market girl at Barbados

A market woman from Barbados travelling with baskets filled with market goods.

Luxury in the West Indies

A planter sitting around a small table with his legs propped upon a chair as he is served a beverage by a scantily clad female slave.

West India Custom

White couple being served by a young slave boy.

Manner of washing in the West Indies

Woman washing clothes the "West Indian way" ie. beating the clothes with a stick on rocks in a river.

West India Custom (2)

A woman sits on a verandah with her feet up while reading a book.