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Cascade of White River

Print of White River, St. Ann. This river, for its entire length, forms the boundary between the parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary. It is the only long river in St. Ann since all the others rise a short distance from the coast. The river once…

Holruth Court Scheme

Construction taking place on the unfinished apartment complex, Holruth Court.

One of Nature's own Enigmas in the West Indies
A photograph of the drawing of a mulatto girl that was done by William Allman and titled 'One of Nature's own Enigmas in the West Indies.'

Danver's Pen (St. Thomas)

Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Dennis which lashed the island last Friday damaged the side of this road in Danver's Pen, St. Thomas.

Beckford Street

The intersection of Beckford Street and Princess Street in downtown Kingston. Old car parts, bed springs and other articles form the 'back-drop' of a pool of filth on Beckford Street and the pungent stream of water runs from the manhole at the…

Children getting it together

Children's work is never done. Getting it together UJAAMA style - Left to right: Robert Gibbs, Samantha Gayle, Andrew Dacres, Kevin Earle, Celia Earle and Karen Gaye.

A small house in Spanish Town

View of the front of a small dwelling in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Poor House in Spanish Town
Exterior view of the Poor House in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. Residents are sitting or standing on the verandah. Two men are standing beside the building.

Martha Brae Postal Agency, Trelawny

A small wooden structure that houses the Martha Brae Postal Agency in Jamaica. A blue concrete house with a vehicle parked beside it is behind the post office.

Children playing board games and more

A group of children along with two adults are photographed playing a game of bingo.