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Great earthquake disaster, Duke Street Kingston, Jamaica,W.I.

Postcard showing Duke Street, Kingston, after earthquake in 1907. On both sides of the street there are bricks from destroyed buildings as well as fallen lightposts. Men stand amongst the rubble.

Christmas tree

"In what can be regarded as the first sign of Christmas, the Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Arthur Jones (third right) is seen receiving the annual gift of a Christmas tree donated by Sangunay Shipping Lines of Canada from Captain Milton Trakas of the…

Christmas tree in the air

A cypress tree is hoisted in the air while being transported from a facility.

US Ambassador Loren Lawrence being presented with a copy of Beautiful Jamaica

"Welcome to our city: US Ambassador Leon Lawrence, second right, being presented with a copy of the book "Beautiful Jamaica" by the Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Arthur Jones, when Mr. Lawrence recently called on the mayor at the KSAC. Others from…

St. George's Church, Kingston, Jamaica

Representation on a postcard of the St. George's Anglican Church in Kingston, Jamaica.

A view of Church Street

A drawing of a section of Church Street in Downtown, Kingston.

A view of the Kingston Theatre

A lithographic print of the Kingston Theatre, located then at the Parade in Down Town, Kingston.

Methodist Free Church, Kingston, Ja. after earthquake, Jan. 14, 1907

Postcard showing extensive damage to the Kingston Methodist Free Church building.

St. George's church, Kingston, Ja., after the earthquake, Jan. 14, 1907

Significant damage to the St. George's Anglican Church building. Bricks, a part of the roof and other debris are strew across the church yard.

The Mico College, Kingston, Ja., after earthquake, January 14th, 1907

Mico College (Now Mico University College) after sustaining significant damage to a section of its building.