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"Peas Please"
Image showing several quarts of red kidney beans, also known as red peas. Some white beans can also be seen.

10 Miles Main Road (St. Thomas)

In this picture, a woman tests the depths of the "lake" which has developed in the road near Ten Miles.

17th Century negro girl from Barbados
A seventeenth century African woman from Barbados attired in European styled dress.

17th or 18th Century House, Stokes Hall, St. Thomas
Ruins of the Stokes Hall Great House in the parish of St. Thomas. It was destroyed by the great earthquake of 1907.

18 Monk Street, Rio Cobre Approved School, Spanish Town
The Rio Cobre Approved School in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

18th century church, Rio Bueno, Trelawny

Photograph of St. Mark's Anglican Church in Rio Bueno, Trelawny. St. Marks was consecrated as an Anglican Parish Church in 1833 after a petition for the establishment of a church by Rio Bueno inhabitants.

18th century Hospital, Kellits, Clarendon
The ruins of an 18th century hospital in Kellits, Clarendon.

18th century house, Half Way Tree, St. Andrew
Two-storey 18th century board house with semi-circular steps at the entrance in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew. Trees overhang a dirt road.

1952 Helsinki Olympics, Rhoden winning 4 x 400 from Mel Whitehead, USA
Photograph showing Jamaica's George Rhoden winning the 4 x 400 metre relay ahead of USA's Mel Whitehead.

1962 Declaration of Independence

Text of the 1962 Declaration of Independence with Coat of Arms and seal affixed